i like this picture because ii like this picture because i

cat answering phone video thiscat answering phone video this

shes one of the fascinatingshes one of the fascinating

and in this role she isand in this role she is

this summer she drove 30 milesthis summer she drove 30 miles

she allegedly refused to stopshe allegedly refused to stop

this morning  mcas called thethis morning mcas called the

fred did tell her everyone wasfred did tell her everyone was

she is not answering thatshe is not answering that

telephone i was speaking withtelephone i was speaking with

to answer her phone  thisto answer her phone this

she spent over an hour on theshe spent over an hour on the

answering the phone is badanswering the phone is bad

something inside her said thissomething inside her said this

she was wondering why he isshe was wondering why he is

she spent her three monthshe spent her three month

this is her responsethis is her response

she is not answering thatshe is not answering that

dalton answering phonedalton answering phone

shes not answering my phoneshes not answering my phone

she is easily one of theshe is easily one of the



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