back then  she could neverback then she could never

although she is not a visualalthough she is not a visual

the couple had lived in peacethe couple had lived in peace

for some odd reason she neverfor some odd reason she never

although she will neveralthough she will never

still not sure  although thisstill not sure although this

real un punned line  quot peacereal un punned line quot peace

concerning war and peaceconcerning war and peace

after six months  i never didafter six months i never did

although she lived at schloalthough she lived at schlo

although she will never havealthough she will never have

although she was rushed toalthough she was rushed to

although my mom was quitealthough my mom was quite

although i saved her life  shealthough i saved her life she

although in 1990 pro democracyalthough in 1990 pro democracy

we broke up when she was beingwe broke up when she was being

although she would neveralthough she would never

although she doesnt go downalthough she doesnt go down

she really never came toshe really never came to

hollywood star  she visitedhollywood star she visited

its a small island  althoughits a small island although



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