she was sleeping quite a bitshe was sleeping quite a bit

ah  she sleepsah she sleeps

ah huh  the mere fact is sheah huh the mere fact is she

how she could sleep throughhow she could sleep through

ah  she is sleeping now butah she is sleeping now but

actress oh yoon ah has beenactress oh yoon ah has been

ah  there she is  sleepingah there she is sleeping

ah  she noticed me looking atah she noticed me looking at

ah  there she is  sleepingah there she is sleeping

while she was sleepingwhile she was sleeping

ah she was just like iah she was just like i

ah  there she was  sleeping inah there she was sleeping in

kate   ah  shes akate ah shes a

ah  she is a titty dancerah she is a titty dancer

she is seen sleeping soundlyshe is seen sleeping soundly

tiffany   ah  shes sleepingtiffany ah shes sleeping

she wasnt really sleepingshe wasnt really sleeping

ah  shes awakeah shes awake

ah mah cz she was sleepingah mah cz she was sleeping

ah sleeping and babiesah sleeping and babies

she was sleepingshe was sleeping



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