loose with a reel to reelloose with a reel to reel

i did a bit of  belatedi did a bit of belated

it was deliciousit was delicious

heres a picture of blackheres a picture of black

if your tastes leanif your tastes lean

svi asulta  jellied sheepssvi asulta jellied sheeps

id begin launching a newid begin launching a new

next up  weve got the clevernext up weve got the clever

last year i made pirraka  anlast year i made pirraka an

they eat a type of sheepsthey eat a type of sheeps

from the delicious 1930sfrom the delicious 1930s

bad taste barbie weekbad taste barbie week

for most people phyllo has anfor most people phyllo has an

delicious and easydelicious and easy

its such a delicious meatits such a delicious meat

a couple of clever sheep dogsa couple of clever sheep dogs

posted by not a sheep at 22 00posted by not a sheep at 22 00

if someone has a skill andif someone has a skill and

its a magical essence moreits a magical essence more

how rapidly can a topic ofhow rapidly can a topic of

standards of good tastestandards of good taste



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