the scene where hes fondlingthe scene where hes fondling

why bring up small talk afterwhy bring up small talk after

after fondling nurseafter fondling nurse

was he fondling them insteadwas he fondling them instead

by forcible fondling afterby forcible fondling after

fondling a woman while shefondling a woman while she

stu fondling the coffeestu fondling the coffee

after fondling both the p7000after fondling both the p7000

jailed friday after he wasjailed friday after he was

kissing and fondling themkissing and fondling them

after fondling himself inafter fondling himself in

that she fondled two ofthat she fondled two of

after i stopped fondling themafter i stopped fondling them

she also has a number of newshe also has a number of new

mark them sweetmark them sweet

fondling them  carlosfondling them carlos

money  then fondling themmoney then fondling them

tr doctor accused of fondlingtr doctor accused of fondling

by fondling them andby fondling them and

and after fondling themand after fondling them

after the struggleafter the struggle



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