that would be internet landthat would be internet land

she might not be athleticshe might not be athletic

this abbreviation should notthis abbreviation should not

abbreviation  kg  she was inabbreviation kg she was in

learning what she doeslearning what she does

even at 2 years old she wouldeven at 2 years old she would

she did an incredible job withshe did an incredible job with

i think she might have ai think she might have a

of sugar   she would sayof sugar she would say

she used a list of theshe used a list of the

i mean  cbb to do homeworki mean cbb to do homework

the imho abbreviation letsthe imho abbreviation lets

she would tell people whenshe would tell people when

imagined she would becomeimagined she would become

she would love to hop aroundshe would love to hop around

it would help if he she itit would help if he she it

mlle is the abbreviation formlle is the abbreviation for

whyyyyyyy would she hate thatwhyyyyyyy would she hate that

than she did a week agothan she did a week ago

uchoo786 wrote  what does ituchoo786 wrote what does it

why in the world would youwhy in the world would you



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