wyoming bighorn sheep were thewyoming bighorn sheep were the

dall sheep silhouetted againstdall sheep silhouetted against

saw some more dalls sheep andsaw some more dalls sheep and

about a dall sheep hunterabout a dall sheep hunter

dall sheep near savage riverdall sheep near savage river

11 20 dalls sheep11 20 dalls sheep

this impressive dall sheep ramthis impressive dall sheep ram

a dall sheep appears right ata dall sheep appears right at

seeing the massive ram upseeing the massive ram up

photographing alaskas dallphotographing alaskas dall

bighorn sheep  dall sheepbighorn sheep dall sheep

dall sheepdall sheep

leg 14   anchorage to cooperleg 14 anchorage to cooper

look at the dall sheep ramlook at the dall sheep ram

a subset of dall  sheepa subset of dall sheep

preparing ram meatpreparing ram meat

14 days from anchorage to14 days from anchorage to

denali dalldenali dall

and the ram forgot whatand the ram forgot what

dall sheep against the bluedall sheep against the blue

the grizzly charges photothe grizzly charges photo



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