ahh  kor kor bought the goldahh kor kor bought the gold

ahh nikunji take one lahahh nikunji take one lah

dua dua handsome lawa ahhdua dua handsome lawa ahh

ingatkan boleh lah buat sikitingatkan boleh lah buat sikit

once tim left  she was one ofonce tim left she was one of

she is jessie j  one of myshe is jessie j one of my

she so cute lahshe so cute lah

ah  blogger is fuckshit  butah blogger is fuckshit but

omg  hes like damn cute lahomg hes like damn cute lah

old lady one i mean shortold lady one i mean short

okay reading okay lahokay reading okay lah

ahh sebab winter sonata lahahh sebab winter sonata lah

ahh   and she got the firstahh and she got the first

tmr shes cuming bck totmr shes cuming bck to

first of all she obviouslyfirst of all she obviously

whatever lah  she showed uswhatever lah she showed us

so hot ah    o shes got theso hot ah o shes got the

other one which she triedother one which she tried

ahh  andahh and

omg she rocks my socks lahomg she rocks my socks lah

ahh ponteng lahahh ponteng lah



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