she honors the scoutingshe honors the scouting

was fired by the scouts aswas fired by the scouts as

she grew up reminded every dayshe grew up reminded every day

she sounded so uneducatedshe sounded so uneducated

she was the first woman toshe was the first woman to

but she took aim at thebut she took aim at the

she is also a girl scout  sheshe is also a girl scout she

goes design scoutinggoes design scouting

she sold them to friendsshe sold them to friends

when she uncovers an unusualwhen she uncovers an unusual

is an under representedis an under represented

she is out of her leagueshe is out of her league

she is uneducated andshe is uneducated and

she is the president of theshe is the president of the

two years later  she had atwo years later she had a

but then i think she has morebut then i think she has more

according to the daily mailaccording to the daily mail


from the moment shes struckfrom the moment shes struck

an uneducated cambodian withan uneducated cambodian with

she grew into some big titsshe grew into some big tits



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