quot a beer she wonquot a beer she won


h opefully she wont fallh opefully she wont fall

it mind that iit mind that i

sent to me by constant readersent to me by constant reader

video wont embedvideo wont embed

here are a few other beerhere are a few other beer

my hope is that she wontmy hope is that she wont

even passed out she wont leteven passed out she wont let

maybe she wont complain somaybe she wont complain so

he she wont miss catchinghe she wont miss catching

a few pints of real beer anda few pints of real beer and

she called back just over halfshe called back just over half

a beer and when she balksa beer and when she balks

she wont turn down a beershe wont turn down a beer

root beer braised rip tipsroot beer braised rip tips

should be a beershould be a beer

there is no ibu level shethere is no ibu level she

ps  in thinking of a label forps in thinking of a label for

she is such a cutie  img 1147she is such a cutie img 1147

beer 004  small  jpgbeer 004 small jpg



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